Wednesday, 10 June 2015
The Value of Personal Testimony

Why do you think Paul so often told about his conversion in his defenses (22:2-21, 26:2-23)?  Why is this a good evangelistic technique?

Paul was called to be a witness of all that he had seen and heard.  The people that he talked to, knew what he had been prior to his becoming a follower of Jesus.  These were verifiable facts.  These facts lent credibility to his testimony about Jesus, they were illustrative of the fact that Jesus had turned him into something new.  Only something truly significant, powerful and dynamic could have changed him and turned Paul/Saul to a new direction.  I am offended by the author's implication that this is a "good evangelistic technique".  We aren't salesmen like so many tv evangelists.  We aren't peddling anything.  Were just suppose to tell people what happened to us and let the Holy Spirit do His work. 

Posted on 06/10/2015 1:51 PM by Larry G
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