Sunday, 14 June 2015
Thinking about the Roman Government

What overall impression of the Roman system do you get from Acts 23:12-26:32?  Summarize both the good and the bad points.

Superficially it looked like a functioning system of government that had the potential to be fair and equitable.  But like all governments it was made and administered by men who were less than good public servants. The system did provide for the public safety and maintained order; and it did provide for a system of justice.  However, as good as they structures were intended to be they were still administered and short-circuited by men who were morally flawed and incapable of implementing a just governmental system;  like the government officials of today.


  • Provided for the public safety

  • Maintained Order

  • Provided a system of justice


  • Officials were men of dubious integrity, with all too common foibles of pride, greed and self-interest.

  • System was politically oriented; justice often administered with what was politically expedient rather than what was actually moral and just.

Posted on 06/14/2015 2:05 PM by Larry G
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