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The Significance of Acknowledging the Resurrection

Why was the Resurrection the decisive issue between Paul and the Jews?  Is it the decisive issue between you and anyone?  Why or why not?

It's a funny thing, the Jews were looking for a Messiah who would come and overthrow the Romans.  They had the scriptures regarding what the Messiah would do, how He would die and God's view of the problem of sin.  But in acknowledging that Jesus had rose from the dead, this would have been their acknowledgment that He was in fact the Messiah.  In acknowledging this, they would have to acknowledge that they were in fact sinners who needed a savior. In doing this they would have to acknowledge that they had been wrong and that they were now going to follow God.  In their refusal to acknowledge Jesus' Resurrection, they denied reality, they denied the truth.  They decided on a course that was insane.  Reality and truth are the same; it is what it is.  Is this a decisive issue between men and anybody else?  No, it may be a decisive issue between an individual and God.  This is the bottom line.  What are you going to do with what God has said and done?